...that our eyes would see what you would see, that our ears would hear what you would hear, that our hearts would be open to your love as we welcome You in Lord, we welcome you in...

This song began as a chorus I sung out spontaneously during a sound check prior to one of the "Why stand with Israel" conferences hosted by our community in Spokane, WA.  

The truth of being a physical host for the presence of God has always carried much weight in my personal walk with the Lord. From an early age I was encouraged to create room and time for the Lord. The idea that He lives inside of us and wants communion with us all the time created a deep longing to let Him know how much I wanted Him with me.

As a worship leader, my hearts desire is to help to create an atmosphere where our personal temples come together to form a corporate sanctuary.  My desire to begin our community worship sessions in unity, my heart and then my mouth released this chorus. The words "we welcome You in" became an anthem of our corporate yearning to host Jesus and to invite Him to dwell with us.